Wholesale distribution of medicinal products

Why us

Logistics facilities owned by the group not outsourced to third parties, we serve the entire national territory, deliveries even 24/h, management even of minimum quantities, dedicated flash offers, dedicated customer service 6 days a week, revision service of the manual with optimization of costs and stocks, galenic laboratory.

Regional Auth. pursuant to Legislative Decree 219 art. 100 no. 55 of 28/01/2021

Ministerial Auth. pursuant to Presidential Decree 309/90 no. 231 of 28/06/2020

We also work on the MEPA system

Nursing homes, dialysis and occupational medicine

Hospital supplies

Medicine and blood products

Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group), wholesaler and distributor, serves about 300 customers daily including hospital facilities, clinics and nursing homes, Dialysis Centers, Blood products, and Occupational medicine.

For decades, we have been operating on a large scale in the distribution and wholesale of medicines, sop and otc, parapharmaceuticals, veterinary, supplements, homoeopathic, galenic preparations, medical devices, and special food products.
Facilities complying with all certifications and inspections, the highest standards in control and storage of products, reduced delivery times thanks to a network of carriers that deliver 12 hours a day, flexibility, and collaboration of our sales department.

Through our logistics organization, we are able to satisfy even small orders in a minimum time, giving importance to each customer in the same way. The continuous support in all phases of the supply characterizes the activity of our staff

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Products for pharmacies, parapharmacies and healthcare

Wholesale distribution (B2B) parapharmaceuticals and supplements

Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group) has been operating on a large scale for decades in the distribution and wholesale of medicines, sop and otc, parapharmaceuticals, supplements, homoeopathic remedies, galenic substances and preparations, medical-surgical devices, and special purposes food products.
A very long experience that has reached the fourth generation and makes us a point of reference also as a wholesaler on the Italian market.

FARMACIE INTERNAZIONALI is the ideal business partner for your facility thanks to a large qualified and constantly expanding structure, compliant with all certifications and controls, very high standards in in product control and preservation, reduced delivery times thanks to a network of carriers delivering 12 hours a day, flexibility and collaboration of our sales office, personalized discounts and customer service distinguish us from competitors.

Through the logistical organization of our locations, we are able to satisfy even the reduced orders in a minimum time, giving importance to each customer in the same way to help grow your business. The continuous support in all phases of the supply characterizes the activity of our staff.

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Products for aesthetic medicine

Filler – Aesthetic medicine

In its more than 60 years of activity, Farmacie Internazionali S.a.S. (Petrone Group), thanks to the passion of the group, began in the 90s to deal with the emerging sector of cosmetic surgery and the entire product sector of interest to aesthetic medicine professionals.

After years of collaboration and experience with all the industry leader, today Farmacie Internazionali offers a wide assortment of fillers of the most famous and emerging brands, foreign and Italian.

With its staff it can also offer a commercial consulting service that supports specialists in the most performing and efficient products’ selection. 24-hour shipping throughout Italy.

The experience of our galenic laboratory is available to clients for customized preparations based on various requests.

The offer is completed by medical surgical devices and cosmetic and cosmeceutical products preparatory to fillers and aesthetic medicine treatments.

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Military supplies

Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group) works with: Air Force, Army, Navy, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and the Ministry of Justice in addition to the Internal Pharmacies of Penitentiary Structures.

We are proud to have supported several campaigns in Antarctica, providing the necessary products for the entire ENEA mission.

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Ship and naval supplies

Naval supplies

Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group) has been at the side of shipowners for years in offering medicines, health aids and first aid equipment with timeliness and competitive prices thanks to a range of specific references.

There are multitudes of passenger shipping lines, merchant and cruise ships that have chosen Farmacie Internazionali and renew the partnership every year, rewarding the high quality of service provided to their customers. Among our strengths, we guarantee the quality and timeliness of national and international shipments, while preserving the maintenance of the cold chain both for 11-25° and refrigerated 2-8° products.

In the service of on-board supplies, in line with the regulations of the Ministerial Decree of October 2015, we offer control in the supply of narcotic medicines, the replenishment of medicines and health devices and/or replenishment of Medical Tables A, B and C

Possibility to supply medicines on board to ships in the various ports.

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Offers and new products

PPE and injury prevention material

Even before the COVID-19 emergency, Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group) was a point of reference for the occupational health and safety sectors with personal protective equipment (PPE), safety equipment and injury prevention material.

We put safety and health first, by selecting all PPE with our Quality Office before proposing them to customers.

The items in our PPE catalogue have:

  • CE Mark Certification
  • Certificate of conformity relating to the subject product and with relevant data.
  • Patient leaflet
  • Medical Device List Registration with Medical Device Registration Id: 2039619
  • Name of European Representative: MDI Europe

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Paediatric equipment and galenic medicines

Paediatric supplies

Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group) has dedicated a large section of its assortment to the pediatric sector with:

  • medicines
  • medical devices
  • treatment
  • medical material
  • parapharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics
  • special purposes food

We prepare galenic medicines tailored to the needs of children.

We support our customers for better planning, purchasing management and warehouse efficiency.


At Farmacie Internazionali every day, in the Galenic Laboratory, the Pharmacist prepares galenic, officinal and magistral medicines, in different pharmaceutical forms such as capsules, powders, creams, ointments, foams, gels, solutions and suspensions.

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