Reference pharmacy in Naples for galenic preparations

    preparazioni galeniche

    At Farmacie Internazionali every day, in the Galenic Laboratory, the Pharmacist prepares galenic, officinal and magistral medicines, in different pharmaceutical forms such as capsules, powders, creams, ointments, foams, gels, solutions and suspensions.

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    Thanks to our experience and advanced equipment (laminar flow hood, chemical hood, cito unguator), we guarantee our preparations quality, safety and efficacy. Galenic drugs are prepared by the pharmacist, following the Norms of Good Preparation as per the Official Pharmacopoeia. Galenics is the oldest art of the pharmacist. The physician Galen, with his science, dominated European pharmaceutical science for more than a thousand years. Galenic preparations play a very important role especially for all those rare diseases that do not have a drug on the market (so-called orphan drugs) and for all those drugs for which a specific dose is needed that is not available on the market. In addition, galenic preparations can avoid all the excipients that are found in common drugs and can give sensitivity/allergy problems.

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