FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

  • Why is the pharmacy asked for the health card when delivering the prescription?

    The use of the health card is envisaged for the monitoring of pharmaceutical expenditure as it allows the acquisition of the tax code in an exact way through the bar code located on the back of the card. The health card to be presented at the pharmacy is that of the prescription holder.

  • How can medicines be deducted?

    As of jan. 1, 2008, according to article 39, paragraph 3 of decree law. 159/2007, in order to document and demonstrate the purchase of medicines, the documentation issued by the pharmacist (prescription bearing stamp, date of delivery and price of the medicine) attached to the normal receipt is no longer sufficient for the citizen; pharmacies, therefore, must be able to issue the aforementioned “talking receipt”.

  • What is meant by equivalent or generic medicine?

    The generic or equivalent medicine has the same active ingredient as the one already on the market whose patent has expired, for this reason it has the identical activity. The generic medicine has the name of the chemical molecule (active ingredient) corresponding to the starting medicinal product, which instead has an invented name (trade name). When it is placed on the market, each new medicine is covered by a patent. This doesn’t allow other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the same product until its expiration. After this period, the equivalent medicine may be produced and placed on the market.

  • Is it possible to measure the blood pressure in the pharmacy?

    Sure, at any time of the day; preferably not after making heavy efforts or immediately after lunch. In order to rely on values that can be compared with each other it is still better to measure pressure values always at the same time.

  • Is it necessary to be fasting to take blood self-tests at the pharmacy?


  • Is it possible to book a product on the phone and then pick it up at the pharmacy?

    Of course, it is always possible to make a telephone reservation for the product you need. When ordering, we will inform you if the product is already in the pharmacy or if it needs to be procured. In the latter case we’ll tell you exactly the waiting times and you’ll decide whether to confirm the order or cancel it.

  • At the pharmacy is it possible to pay by debit or credit card?

    Of course, all types of payment are always welcome in our pharmacy and our debit circuit allows you to use most of the debit cards, credit cards, post office.

  • Can you make it easier for me?

    We suggest you reserve what you need so you can find everything right away and don’t have to come back; click here to find out how you can do that